The Starfish and the Spider

By Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom

What I consider to be the best 21st Century prism for new partnering patterns and platforms.  Assists us in understanding the nature of decentralized "starfish" movements and how to catalyze them.  Uses the examples of Wikipedia, Skype and other corporate models, but it is just as easily transferable to the world of non-profits as well.  An absolute must read.


Group Genius: The Creative Power of Collaboration

By Keith Sawyer

Though most would likely view creativity as an individual gift, Sawyer demonstrates that to be a myth.  In reality, invention and creativity always originate in or through collaboration.  From improv comedy to Gore Tex and Whole Foods, this book is full of examples where collaboration led to innovation and success.  Ultimately, we all have the power and potential to be more creative, we just need to learn how to work together better to achieve it!  This book is one of the staples for REACT's work in cross cultural settings where relationships are so fundamental.


"It is a privilege to endorse Brian and REACT Services.  He has an incredible knowledge of who is doing what everywhere in the world and is a highly skilled facilitator of partnerships and group process.  He knows what is required to help people build trust and actually work together.  However, I most value Brian's capacity to add critical insights to a strategic plan.  He has the ability to see the key elements and steps for moving a plan forward strategically."

-Rev. Gary Edmonds, President, Breakthrough Partners