What We Do

As a specialist in collaboration strategy, REACT does these three main things:


The REACT team is involved in catalyzing, convening, organizing, or assisting in the facilitation of many different networks and partnerships. Primarily these are regional or global efforts among the unreached and the global poor. See our Projects Page for more information.


We consult with a variety of different networks and partnerships on how to achieve greater results from their collaboration efforts (see Projects Page). In addition, we do individual consulting with organizations, businesses and churches to assist them in their involvement in partnering efforts. Though individual consulting is tailored to the specific needs, it includes assessment, development of partnering friendly strategies, and connections to our wide network of key relationships. See our Consulting Page for more information.

Coaching and Training

Through our staff and Associates, REACT is highly experienced in provided training on partnering. We have done training in a variety of settings and cultures, including South Asia (India and Sri Lanka), Latin America, Australia, Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. See our Training Page for more information.

In addition, our team does individual coaching with existing facilitators (and often with their leadership teams) in building more effective networks and partnering initiatives.

Download our brochure for a visual overview.

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