Mark Orr

Leadership 555 | Associate for Leadership Development

Mark Orr is founder and catalyst of Leadership 555, a project to birth systemic change throughout Africa, Latin America, and the world by catalyzing leaders. It combines new approaches to leadership training, a national connecting framework, and an emphasis on sustainable, local resources.

Beginning the pilot in early 2012, Mark led a team of six in Uganda who began training a network of committed leaders, a core of catalysts, and exploring replication possibilities in neighboring countries and a long-range resourcing network to facilitate growth across Africa. This includes a Resource Task Force of Ugandans developing “made in Uganda” solutions for ownership, long-term resourcing, and developing a culture of generosity among African business owners. Mark also worked closely with the Association of Evangelicals in Africa.

REACT is partnering with Mark on an innovative "Catalytic Leader" initiative with the Three Waves Movement of South America.

Previously, Mark served as an assistant project leader for Geoff Tunnicliffe, former CEO of the World Evangelical Alliance. He's also served as Facilitator of the Refugee Highway Partnership. He holds an MA degree in Missiology from All Nations Christian College (Open University of England). From Canada, Mark and his wife, Cherilyn, have seven children and currently live in Athens, Greece. Contact Mark at: [email protected].

Mark Orr