Vulnerable Children

Project Vision:  To see the message and practice of partnering and collaboration change the strategy and paradigm of those organizations, networks and movements who are specifically addressing vulnerable children and youth with the relational compassion of Jesus.

Context:  There are many disturbing trends emerging among the most vulnerable, especially children.  A few key indicators from United Nations sources:

  • 71+ million refugees and forcibly displaced with approximately 33 million refugee children and hundreds of thousands of unaccompanied minors.
  • Well over 130 million orphans and children awaiting placement in families.
  • One billion children who have experienced physical, sexual or psychological violence just in the past year.
  • Hundreds of millions of children highly vulnerable to human trafficking, slavery, and exploitation.

The problem?  Over 1,000 new justice related non-profits have been formed since 2010, just in the USA.  Few, if any, are even aware of each other, let alone talk about their strategy and approach!  Thus, a minimal lack of coordination and collaboration is occurring which has translated into massive duplication, needless overlap, and a preventable waste of precious resources (people and money).

The Response:  Several key networks of children and youth organizations have come together to explore how to respond to this problem – and to do so together!  REACT is involved in catalyzing this initiative because of our extensive connections, and our substantial experience in the development of partnering.

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