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Refugee Highway Partnership

REACT Services works with the Refugee Highway Partnership (RHP) to help maximize the effectiveness of the international church as it responds to the massive displaced peoples crisis worldwide. From the Far East to Africa, from the Pacific Rim to Europe, the number of refugees and forcibly displaced peoples is dramatic.

The RHP seeks to collaborate and share resources that assist these displaced populations with their physical and spiritual needs.

REACT's Brian O'Connell serves as Chair of the RHP Leadership Team.

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Religious Liberty Partnership

Around the world, Christians continue to be persecuted for their faith.  The Religious Liberty Partnership (RLP) is a collaborative effort of
Christian organizations in about 20 countries focused on religious liberty.  The RLP seeks to more intentionally work together in addressing advocacy and in raising the awareness of persecution globally.

REACT serves as the organizer and facilitator of this important network as they come alongside the persecuted church in their search for religious freedom.

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International Sports Coalition

The International Sports Coalition (ISC) is an informal sports outreach network of individuals, churches and agencies from over 130 countries. The intention of ISC is to encourage every church and agency to determine how sports could help it accomplish its own mission. The main purposes of the ISC are to model, train, network and catalyze partnerships.

By using the international language of sport, churches and organizations come together to maximize impact and minimize duplication – from Olympic outreach to small African village soccer clinics; from church planting to life coaching strategies. The ISC has formed ten different strategies serving more than 200 nations in 46 regions through various sporting opportunities. In the past five years, for example, nearly 7 million kids have participated in the ISC's Global Community Games outreach programs in over 150 countries.

REACT serves as a partnering consultant to this movement.

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Global Children's Forum

Among all of the populations in the world, children are the most vulnerable. The Global Children's Forum (GCF) seeks to answer Jesus’ call to tend “to the least of these" and to mobilize the church to the nearly 2 billion children who have no access to hear about Jesus.  The GCF has specific collaborative projects addressing advocacy, the development of key children's resources, and in training church leaders for children's ministry.

REACT is the partnering consultant for these projects.

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Near East Initiatives

The Near East Initiatives is a network of businesses, churches and ministries, both local and global, seeking to transform societies of the Near East (e.g., Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq). The NEI exists to support ministries in the region through nine strategic initiatives in such areas as church planting, media, refugees and the poor, leadership, business, and children.

REACT helps in the facilitation and coaching on partnership for the NEI network.

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Middle East Majority Peoples

We are seeing new and substantial consensus among national leaders and expatriot mission leaders in the broader Middle East (addressing the Near East, plus Sudan, Egypt, Palestine, and Israel) to work together more collaboratively on outreach and ministry strategies specifically to the majority peoples community.  The consultation on Middle East Majority Peoples (MEMP) is a platform on which these collaborative outreach strategies for the region can be explored.

REACT serves on the Facilitation Team of the MEMP.

Starfish Community

The Starfish Community (SFC) is a developing group of individuals, associations, and organizations that share a common vision to make the world a better place among the poor and marginalized.  The SFC catalyzes collaboration strategies around disaster response, community development and business investment opportunities in underdeveloped and poor nations.

REACT serves as part of the SFC organizing team.

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Ethnê to Ethnê

The Ethnê to Ethnê movement is a global network focused on serving the 28% of the world's people without access to the Good News of Jesus.  Ethnê has seven issue strategy groups from church planting to crisis response that mobilizes, facilitates and leverages resources to increase global effectiveness among the unreached.

REACT is part of the leadership of this effort, serving as a coach on partnering to the strategy groups.

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